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New Scrapbooking Product: "Sun Chaser" Line by Heidi Swapp

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scrapbooking products from the Sun Chase line by Heidi Swapp


I've always been a Heidi Swapp fan. Her scrapbooking products are usually just my style - kind of open, clean, simple but with a flair and nothing old-fashioned, aged, or fussy. [Not that there's anything wrong with that! lol]

And with how well her new "Sun Chaser" line matches the colors and look of this site, I guess you can see why this one in particular is resonating with me, ha!

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Heidi Swapp's New Line "Sun Chaser" (April 2022)

Yes, I'm absolutely loving the new line called "Sun Chaser" by Heidi Swapp! Here's a shot of the whole collection so you can behold it in all of its sunny goodness ☀️:




Aren't the colors and images amazing?!?! As a California coastal scrapper, I can't wait to scrapbook some of my plethora of beach photos with this line. 


Below are some specific products from the line. I've gathered as many images from the interwebs as I can for each product so you can get the best look at 'em.

>>> To see close-ups, more info, or make a purchase - click on the images or the bolded names - they are links!

Note: On mobile, it's difficult to show horizontal images of scrapbooking products in their full glory 😂 Sometimes turning your phone "sideways" to view Scrapbook Obsession blog posts will help! 


Heidi Swapp - Sun Chaser - Tags and Pockets


Heidi Swapp - Sun Chaser - Ephemera die cuts




Heidi Swapp - Sun Chaser - Cardstock Sticker Book


Heidi Swapp - Sun Chaser - Stickers 6 x 12





Heidi Swapp - Sun Chaser - Puffy Stickers

Note: This image makes them look like chipboard but it indeed says Puffy Stickers on the package so there ya' go!


Heidi Swapp - Sun Chaser - Washi Tape 8 rolls, 6 yards each


Gotta' admit that the washi tape is probably my least favorite of this line. The only one I like and can see using is the black script-y one, but I also have rolls similar to that already. So I probably won't get the washi.


Heidi Swapp - Sun Chaser - Thickers phrase stickers

But on a posiitive note, I think these stickers and the puffy stickers are my favorite components - plus a few sheets of the 12 x 12 paper. 



Heidi Swapp "Sun Chaser" is Versatile for Scrapbooking

As you can see, this line would be great for scrapbooking pages and layouts for a lot of different topics: 

- baby - beach - birthday - boating - California - camping/hiking - Easter - everyday - outdoors - spring - summer - sun worshiper - tropical - vacation 


To further prove how in sync I am with Heidi Swapp's stuff, I just saw this paper from HS "Sun Chaser" called "Beach Life" ...

 ... and realized it's verrrrrrrry similar to my desktop background! 😂🌊


Great minds, Heidi. Great minds ... 

Where to Buy "Sun Chaser" Scrapbooking Products by Heidi Swapp



Heidi Swapp

A Cherry on Top


Okay, I've done my job enabling you with news, photos, and shopping info for this gorgeous new line. xo